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Moldova/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.2 Cultural houses and community cultural clubs

The network of cultural institutions in the regions constitutes 1 232 houses of culture, located in villages and towns. Of these institutions, 519 houses of culture need capital repairs, only 347 are heated during winter, 136 are in a poor condition, 12 were privatised, and 10 were fully leased. In this regard, during 2013 capital and current repairs were carried out on 200 houses and homes of culture out of 1 232, amounting to 55.97 million MDL. During 2013 in the regions, 84 171 cultural-artistic events were organised and conducted (including 31 834 for children and teenagers), which were attended by 10 466 000 spectators (including 3 680 600 children and teenagers).

Cultural houses were built as special projects for producing cultural events, each having concert halls with 200 – 1 000 seats and rooms for rehearsals for artistic (mostly amateur) groups. Most of the cultural houses situated in rural communities include rooms for public libraries.

Although in some houses of culture there are just a few activities organised, the expenses provided by the local public authorities for the maintenance of these buildings in the rural areas are 6 times higher than for those in the cities, thus wasting community resources. Houses of culture must become centres for cultural services in the community, while their funding must be secured on a project basis and depending on the cultural activities provided. In order to provide quality services to the community, houses of culture need major investment in human capital to manage these institutions, greater autonomy in management of resources and available space, liberalisation in terms of creating public-private partnerships, etc.

The Ministry of Culture is only involved in monitoring their activity.

The State Programme "Moldovan Village 2005-2015" envisaged MDL 300 million for the capital renovation of 118 Houses of Culture. In 2007, 12 Houses of Culture were renovated in different districts of Moldova. The share of investment projects within this programme amounts to approximately MDL 135 million. Problems appear because of local councils which re-direct the funds toward other areas that are considered to be of bigger concern.

The funding sources of houses of culture are the local budgets, which are complimented with allocations from the central budget, calculated per capita, at 5 MDL (EUR 0.3) for each community resident. It is obvious that this funding is extremely insufficient and unequal. This method of calculation impedes, from the outset, the localities with a small population.

Chapter published: 11-03-2015

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