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Moldova/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

Artists receive some financial support for their work from the state procurement system, managed by the Ministry of Culture. The funding available for acquisitions is insufficient and procurement is somewhat sporadic, which significantly limits the scope of financial guarantees for artists. Accordingly, they are obliged to become involved in other activities: teaching, performing, writing musical reviews, street theatre, travelling fairs etc.

In an attempt to improve the situation of retired artists, the government provides a modest grant to the most renowned artists once per year. The shortage of budgetary resources has had an adverse effect on the proper functioning of the state cultural institutions. The extremely low monthly salary of about MDL 1 600 in the cultural field, compared to the country's minimal consumption basket value of over MDL 1 900, is not enough to cover even the minimum subsistence level.

Chapter published: 11-03-2015

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