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Goals for participation foresee a progressive increase in citizens' participation in cultural activities. Plans envisage, by 2020, a participation rate of at least 40% of the population.

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Moldova/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.8 Social cohesion and cultural policies

Social cohesion is not provided for directly in the cultural policies of the Republic of Moldova, while being a basic aim in all state programmes and strategies launched over the years. On the other hand, the considerable number of social and cultural events and cultural activities, and expansion of audience and participation in them, shows that social cohesion is already a subject of cultural policy.

The term "social cohesion" can be found both in the purpose and objectives of the "National Strategy for the Development of Culture of the Republic of Moldova / Culture 2020". In this regard, the objective to "Increase of the contribution of the cultural sector in developing social cohesion" aims at a progressive increase of participation in cultural activities of citizens, so that, by 2020, the participation rate will constitute at least 40% of the population, while cultural consumption should increase by 1% annually.

In July 2002, the Republic of Moldova signed the European Charter on Regional or Minorities Languages. In order to prepare the ratification of this important document by the Moldovan Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Centre for Minority Issues organised a series of activities: 3 informational seminars in Comrat, Taraclia and Briceni and a national conference in Chisinau. On 27 September, 2007 in Comrat, a seminar was held on "The European Charter on Regional or Minorities Languages – an instrument for promotion of cultural diversity and mutual concord between the groups speaking different languages in a multicultural society. The role of local and regional public authorities in the promotion and implementation of the Charter in Moldova".

Over the last 10 years, Moldova has accumulated a lot of experience in organising special events around national, religious and other holidays. These events are attended by thousands of people from different nationalities, ages and social conditions and have a proven to be effective for promoting social cohesion and understanding.  Many of them are organised and financed by different private companies.

Chapter published: 11-03-2015

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