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A report on cultural policies in Moldova has been drafted with the help of the European Cultural Foundation and the German Marshall Fund.

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Moldova/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.6 Other relevant issues

In 2007, a Council was established for the administration of the project "The financial support for individuals from Moldova, organised in communities abroad". The Council is composed of three representatives of the Department for Inter-Ethnical Relations and by one representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Ministry of Finance, the government administration, the Ministry of Culture and the Academy of Science. The Council will administrate MDL 450 000 from the state budget for supporting the associations of Moldovans in Italy, Greece and France.

In October 2010, the IV Congress of Moldovan Diaspora was held in Chisinau. The event was an occasion to establish a dialogue and new projects for Diaspora organisations that promote the cultural image of the Republic of Moldova.

In an effort to create a constructive dialogue with the most active cultural agents from Moldova and to support them, a consultation meeting was organised (in Chisinau in June 2007), involving local artists and cultural managers with representatives of the European Cultural Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the United States. The participants discussed and completed the Draft Country Report for Moldova, which was prepared by the East European Reflection Group on the basis of interviews and questionnaires with Moldova's respondents and additional documents (sources). One of the aims of the project is to identify new means and instruments to support cross-border and trans-national cultural cooperation within and with Eastern Europe.

During 2006 - 2010, the Ministry of Culture has supported several large international cultural events: the International Festival of Music "Martisor" ("martisor" is a little red-and-white amulet that epitomises the beginning of the spring in many Balkan countries); the International Opera Festival "Maria Bieshu Invites" (a famous Opera singer, known internationally; the 2007 edition of the festival was re-named as an international festival-contest "Madame Butterfly"); the Biennial international festival of "Eugene Ionesco" Theatre; the "Days of New Music", two international festivals (for children's folk-dance groups and music halls) in Cahul, and other international festivals held annually or biennially. These events are an exceptional opportunity for local audiences to observe and admire some of the best artists from 30 countries in Europe and CIS.

In 2010, the International Documentary Film Festival "CRONOGRAF", held yearly in Chisinau since 2001, received for the first time funding from the Ministry of Culture in the amount of MDL 100 000 (EUR 6 250).

Chapter published: 08-11-2011

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