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Malta/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

Levies on blank tapes were introduced by the Ministry of Finance in 1994. This was regarded as a positive step by the audio-visual sector, but retailers maintain that more drastic action is needed to counter piracy, especially in music.

VAT can be reclaimed for a one time purchase on a musical instrument.

The Public Theatres Regulations was enacted as far back as the 26 July 1899. These regulations lay down certain procedural norms that need to be observed by theatres in possession of a licence for the building to be declared as such.

Following numerous incidents on censorship and a human rights case on infringement of freedom of expression in 2009 the Minister responsible for Culture announced a thorough review of the classification as part of the 2011 cultural policy.

The subsidiary legislation outlining the stage and film classification stipulates that producers are empowered to give their own age classification for stage productions. The legislation gives the power to the Minister to appoint a board, to be known as the Guidance Board to:

  • draft guidelines, and update them from time to time, to be consulted by the person responsible for determining the age-classification in deciding the appropriate age-classification to assign to their productions;
  • upon the written request of the person responsible for determining the age-classification, give its recommendation, in writing and in a timely fashion, as to which age-classification would be suitable for the dramatic and other stage production in question; and
  • receive complaints and grievances by any member of the public who feels aggrieved or offended by any dramatic or stage production.

See also chapter 4.1.

Chapter published: 12-08-2015

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