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FYR of Macedonia/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.1 Amateur arts and folk culture

Amateur arts have always played an important role in the cultural life of the country. Amateurism is mainly developed through the formation of clubs in the field of music, theatre, film, literature, folklore, fine arts, etc. The Ministry of Culture provides modest financial support for some of their activities.

The Cinema Union is comprised of 19 amateur film clubs from several towns. Since 1996, it has been a legitimate member of the International Union of Amateur Film whose head office is in the Netherlands. During the period 1956 and 2000, it is estimated that 1 353 amateur films have been made in the country.

According to the latest data (2017), there are 8 amateur theatres, with 138 active members. In 2017, they organized 99 performances attended by 19 287 visitors (in 2010, there were 67 performances, attended by 9 262 visitors).

Until December 2000, 15 amateur clubs were designated the status of national cultural institution which meant that the Ministry of Culture provided salaries for approximately thirty employees. Since the beginning of 2001, these clubs have been receiving funds only for programme activities.

Chapter published: 06-02-2019

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