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FYR of Macedonia/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.4 Higher arts education and professional training

The Ministry of Education and Science annually supports education and professional development programmes for staff employed in culture institutions. Thus, in order to make up for a deficiency of artists and experts in the field of culture, the Ministry of Culture awards scholarships for post-graduate professional development of young and talented artists, for regular academic education, as well as for studies abroad in fields where there is a lack of possibilities to undertake the same programmes in the FYR of Macedonia.

The Bologna process on higher education, on their structures, curricula or programmes has just started to occupy the public attention. It is too early to talk about any results.

What is also interesting concerning art education is the opening of several private art academies during 2007 to 2009: ESRA Film Academy, Academia Italiana (art and design), Art and Design Faculty, etc. 

Chapter published: 06-10-2015

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