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FYR of Macedonia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

The Law on Space and Urban Planning (1996) defines the types, the content and conditions under which architectural and environmental plans are to be drawn up and eventually accepted by the government. This law defines both the Space Plans of the state and the Urban Plans (General Urban Plan, Detailed Urban Plan, Urbanity Documentation for an Inhabited Place and Urban Plans for Border Areas and Sites with Buildings of Public Interest). All these plans should be drawn up according to certain standards that would ensure protection of the environment, cultural monuments, archaeological sites etc. The government decides on an annual programme to implement and finance these plans from the overall state budget.

The 1996 Law also defines the procedure for selling state property and building sites through a public auction) and for acquiring building permits for construction etc.

Other relevant laws that have an impact on architecture and the environment are the Law on Building Sites (1996) and the Law for the Protection of the Environment (1996).

Chapter published: 06-10-2015

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