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FYR of Macedonia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.10 Other areas of general legislation

The Ministry of Justice has put in procedure a draft Law on Import, Circulation and Distribution of Foreign Printed Material, Foreign Films and Informative Activities. This Law regulates the means of import, circulation and distribution of foreign printed materials and films, foreign information agencies, accreditation of foreign journalists etc. The main authority for foreign correspondents will be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign countries and international organisations can establish information agencies but only based on bilateral agreement. Foreign TV crews that stay less than 30 days will need permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do so. Foreign companies will not have the right to make surveys or inquires of any kind.

The Law on Estimation (2010, amended 2012) regulates the process of estimation in copyright and related rights and the Ministry of Culture is authorised to give licences to the estimators in this field. This law also affects the (market) estimation of the value of the artworks, antiquities etc.

Chapter published: 06-10-2015

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