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FYR of Macedonia/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.3 Other relevant issues and debates

One of the constant burning cultural issues in the period 2009-2017 as the controversial (and in some parts illegal) government project "Skopje 2014". It was enforced by the previous government without consulting the Parliament or the expert community. The so called project completely reshaped the (modernistic) city centre of Skopje with antic-look monuments (including a giant 30 metre high monument to Alexander the Great, his father Phillip II etc.), public buildings in pseudo-baroque and neo-classic style, a triumphal arch etc. The entire cost of the project is still unknown, but is estimated to be 700 million EUR (although the former government’s estimation was around 80 million EUR).

The critics (mostly from the opposition parties and intellectuals) were arguing that it was only a facelift, an "ugly, money-wasting, architecturally failed and politically lunatic project".

Moreover, the so called "Wiretapping" scandal, involving the Prime Minister and other government Ministers, unveiled numerous irregularities, arbitrariness and low bending around this notorious project.

In 2017, the Minister of Culture formed a working group to analyse all aspects of the whole project and to suggest solutions for each part of it.

Chapter published: 12-02-2019

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