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Some of the priorities following the elections in 2014 are regulations for publishing, encouraging foreign investment in the film industry, working conditions in music and art establishments, cultural heritage measures, and cultural heritage in old city centres.

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FYR of Macedonia/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.1 Main cultural policy issues and priorities

The main issue in cultural policy over the past several years was the question of decentralisation and the re-allocation of the responsibilities (not only in the field of culture) to the municipalities and to the City of Skopje.

The proposal of the Ministry of Culture for a new (decentralised) reorganisation of the network of cultural institutions (on national and local levels) was followed by a wide (positive) public debate. It ended with the government's Decision on the Network of National Institutions in the Field of Culture passed in December 2003. According to this Decision, only 51 (from the previous 115) institutions gained the status of national institutions. It also included a major change in the re-allocation of the responsibilities for culture. Since June 2005 this decentralisation model has been put into practice.

The new government (July 2011) has announced its main cultural priorities as:

  • protection, promotion and development of creative potentials;
  • protection, promotion and development of cultural heritage;
  • cultural development of the ethnic minorities;
  • further professionalisation of the staff in cultural institutions;
  • improving the cultural infrastructure;
  • stimulation of the independent cultural scene;
  • equal cultural development;
  • support to people with special needs through cultural projects; and
  • promotion of Macedonian culture and art in the world, etc.

After the early Parliamentary elections (April 2014), the re-elected government stated that it will continue with the main cultural priorities (2011 - 2015). There should also be an improvement of the regulations for publishing, measures to attract and encourage foreign investment in the film industry, improvement in the working conditions of the music and art establishments, measures and management in the field of cultural heritage, appointment of the old city cores of Krushevo, Bitola and Kratovo as cultural heritage sites of importance etc.

Chapter published: 06-10-2015

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