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Lithuania/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.2 Key organisations and portals

Cultural policy making bodies

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Ministry of Culture

Lithuanian Culture Council

The Council of Patronage of Ethnic Culture

The State Commission on Protection of Culture Heritage

The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language

Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

Self – Government Collegium

Professional associations

Lithuanian Museums Association

Lithuanian Librarians' Association

Lithuanian Association of Culture Centres

Lithuanian Association of Artists

Lithuanian Association of Cinema Distributors

Lithuanian Association of Restorers

Grant-giving bodies

Ministry of Culture

Lithuanian Culture Council

Press, Radio and Television Support Fund (Media Support Fund)

Open Society Fund Lithuania

International Cultural Programme Centre (ICP Centre)

Cultural research, advice and statistics

Ministry of Culture

The Council of Culture and Art

Lithuanian Central State Archive

Lithuanian Culture Research Institute

Open Society Fund Lithuania

Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania

Statistics Lithuania: Culture, Press and Sports

Annual review "Creative industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania" (2011)

Feasibility study: "Lithuanian Cultural and Creative Industries" (2008)

Feasibility study "Promotion of Business Support for Culture" (2006)

Survey:"Public participation in culture and content with cultural services" (2012)

Feasibility study "Infrastructure of Culture and Art Residencies" (2012)

Survey "Cultural and creative industries services in self-government cultural institutions" (2012)

Culture / arts portals

Lithuanian culture and art institutions, press

Lithuanian Publishers

Lithuanian Film Centre

Daily on Contemporary Art

Public, culture, social policy website "Bernardinai"

Lithuanian Museums

Lithuanian Libraries

National Art Gallery

Professional Art portals;

Chapter published: 28-11-2014

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