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Lithuania/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.5 Basic out-of-school arts and cultural education

In 2005 the Ministry of Education and Science passed the Concept of Non-formal Education (amended in 2012). According to the Concept, there were 268 schools of non-formal training, with 91 000 pupils in Lithuania in 2011. The fields of non-formal education comprise leisure, culture clubs and centre activities, and youth organisations with curricula/programmes of art, music, dance, and sport etc. non-formal education. However, the Concept disclosed the gaps and shortcomings of cultural and art education curricula in comprehensive schools, and the low input of local municipalities in this field. As non-formal education is a self-sustaining function of local authorities, the process revealed an imbalance in financing, gaps in curricula, and a lack of consistency in the approach to non-formal education. In all self-governments of Lithuania (60) there are non-formal music education schools, and several of these schools have curricula/programmes with visual arts or dance education. The total number of schools with non-formal education was 110 in 2014.

Chapter published: 28-11-2014

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