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Lithuania/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.1 Overview of strategies, programmes and direct or indirect forms of support

Some of the most important challenges to be addressed in the future are devising additional special measures for artists, creating overall better conditions for creativity, improving the dissemination of arts productions, and establishing legal norms and social security for artists.

The state accounts for the lion's share in financing of artists and their organisations. Indirectly, artists are supported through tax exemptions to their organisations, for creative activities and on works of art. Support from private sponsors and the third sector has not succeeded in providing sufficient additional income. The Lithuanian arts market is rather limited and underdeveloped, and there is an imbalance between the quantity of arts productions on the market and society's buying power. The economic and social position of the artist, especially of freelance professionals, has naturally deteriorated.

The Ministry's of Culture finance policy took a new direction in the mid 2000s, when the system of financing of respective programmes was introduced. More than 40 culture and arts programmes were established with specific regulations and requirements in order to obtain state partial financial support. The system of the programmes was focused towards improvement of cultural services around the country and made a substantial impact on the situation regarding public access to culture and diversity of services (see:; financed programmes).

One such programme, "Development and Dissemination of Arts" launched by the Ministry, has partial project financing for professional theatres, support for young artists, dissemination of professional art in the regions, film production, support for art creators' associations, new music and drama production, international art events, etc. The Table below provides information on direct financing of the programme's subjects.

Table 11:   Financing for the programme "Development and Dissemination of Arts", in LTL, 2013


Subject of the Programme



Maintenance of Theatres and Concert organisations

64 137 000


Support for rent of premises for non-public theatres and concert organisations

300 000


Maintenance of Lithuanian Film Centre

1 185 000


Film production and dissemination (including taxes for Eurimage, Audiovisual Observatory, experts and commissions, Film Council work, etc.).

8 416 000


National Culture and Art Award, the Government Award, Ministry of Culture Awards

1 520 000


Premium for young artists

15 000


Support for artists' social security programme

4 106 000


Maintenance of Contemporary Art Centre

2 104 000



81 783 000

Source:     Ministry of Culture,

Support for several activities, such as young artists, creative industries, performance, visual arts, grants, three year festivals, etc. of the programme are financed by the Culture Support Fund (12 165 000 LTL in 2013). The Ministry elaborated the list of significant international art projects (film, music, theatre, dance festivals, exhibitions, etc.) for the period 2013-2015, according to which all selected projects will receive three year permanent state financing support.

Chapter published: 28-11-2014

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