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Lithuania/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.3 Trends and indicators for private cultural financing

The importance of private initiatives in the financing of culture and the arts increased during recent years. The Ministry of Culture introduced the award of "Maecenas of the Year" in 2010. Unfortunately, there are no clear indicators on private financial support for culture and art institutions. Scientific research studies on private support for culture are still insufficient. The Law on Charities and Promotion was passed in 1993 (amended in 2004), however it didn't make a tangible influence on private cultural financing. In 2006, the Ministry of Culture's "Study of the promotion of business support to culture" found that the "state financing of culture amounts to 97% of the total financing of culture". To estimate private financing for culture and arts is complicated due to the reluctance of sponsors or owners of private galleries, publishing houses, cinemas, film producers, managers of theatre festivals, etc. to reveal additional (private) financial support. During the last decade, private financing was conspicuous first of all in purchases of works of art, and sponsorship of theatre, music, and opera festivals, e.g., on the private initiative of DanguolÄ— ButkienÄ— and Viktoras Butkus, in 2011 the Modern Art Centre Fund was established in Vilnius and started to accumulate a representative collection of Lithuanian visual arts from the 1960s onwards and to make it accessible to the wider public. These patrons allocated 30 million LTL for the project. In 2011 the Modern Art Centre started publishing activity with the aim to present modern and contemporary Lithuanian art (see: The public institution "Europos Parkas" ("Park of Europe") was established by the private initiative of sculptor Gintaras Karosas in 1987. Since 1993 the park started international sculpture symposia, and today has on display more  than 90 art works from 27 countries, including sculptures of Magdalena Abakanowicz, Dennis Oppenheim, Sol LeWitt, etc. (see:

In 2012 the Seimas started to consider the Draft Law on Culture Maecenas. The aim of the law is to stimulate private support to culture and the arts, to allow private persons to get tax discounts on donations and to form the tradition of maecenas in Lithuania.

Chapter published: 28-11-2014

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