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Lithuania/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

The following two funds are responsible for allocating public money for culture. The Press, Radio and Television Support Fund (Media Support Fund) was established by the Law on Public Information, 1996, and is responsible to Seimas. The Fund has a separate budget line in the National budget. The major priorities of the Press, Radio and Television Support Fund are financial support for publishing, radio and TV projects, public websites, and dissemination of cultural and educational information. In 2012, 8 938 000 LTL were allocated in the state budget for the implementation of the Fund's programmes.

The Culture Support Fund was established by the Law on Culture and Sport Support Fund, 1998, and reorganised in 2008. Up to 2012 the Fund functioned as a separate Ministry programme with the budget included into the Ministry's budget plan. In 2012, according to the Law on the Lithuanian Culture Council and the amended Law on the Culture Support Fund, administration of the Fund and its budget's allocations are under the Lithuanian CultureCouncil. The Culture Support Fund resources comprise state budget allocations mainly; other lawfully acquired funds are dedicated to financing culture and arts projects, programmes and other measures. Only legal entities registered in the Republic of Lithuania are eligible to submit applications to the Council for Culture Support Fund financing.

The Lithuanian Culture Council ("the Council") is a budgetary institution, established with a view to reform country cultural governance and develop culture self-realisation. Its core mission is to implement the state culture policy in the governance areas assigned to the Minister of Culture, except for the areas assigned to the Lithuanian Film Centre, which is a separate institution under the Ministry of Culture responsible for Lithuania's cinema policy implementation. The fields of activities supported by the Council include architecture, circus, fine arts, photography, cinema, museums, cultural heritage, literature, music, dance, interdisciplinary art, folk art, theatre art and amateur art projects. The Council allocates its budget on the basis of competitions only. In 2014 the Council administered around 50 million LTL for cultural projects and sectors.

Chapter published: 28-11-2014

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