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Liechtenstein/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.1 Short overview

In 2006, Liechtenstein celebrated 200 Years of Sovereignty. The state expended 26.4 million CHF (16.8 million EUR) on culture, which represents 3% of total state spending. Of this total, the Government Cultural Advisory Council disbursed 1.9 million CHF (1.2 million EUR) for the promotion of artists, cultural projects and cultural organisations.

In 2007, expenses for the Ministries of Cultural Affairs and Education totalled 26 million CHF (15.8 million EUR). The Cultural Advisory Council promoted cultural work with 2.1 million CHF (1.28 million EUR) of the above total, the highest promotion sum to date. The state allotted 1.5 million CHF (0.9 million EUR) to the country's radio station. It additionally disbursed approximately 1.3 million CHF (0.8 million EUR) to the Media Commission for promotion of the media.

In 2008, the current account of the state of Liechtenstein ended the year with 31.5 million CHF (19.84 million EUR) spent on culture and the amount for 2009 was 32.7 million CHF (21.65 million EUR) on culture.

In 2010, expenses from the current account amounted to 31.5 million CHF (22.82 million EUR) and in 2011 to 30.34 million CHF (24.6 million EUR).

In 2012, Liechtenstein's expenditure on culture according to the statement of accounts was CHF 29 882 538.

In 2013, Liechtenstein's public expenditure on culture was 27 546 760 CHF.

Information regarding cultural, art and historic preservation expenditures by the eleven Liechtenstein municipalities is currently not available.

Chapter published: 12-11-2014

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