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Liechtenstein/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.6 Other relevant issues

Worldwide networking and increasing digitalisation in all areas of life promote the transition to "open innovation". A project of the International Lake Constance University, to which the University of Liechtenstein also belongs, promotes a German / Swiss / Liechtenstein research group which, under the heading "eSociety Lake Constance 2020", is developing a concept of open innovation for society. The goal is to turn citizens, associations and clubs, politics, public administration, and non-governmental organisations into drivers of the future in the Lake Constance region. Researchers are giving the concept of open innovation a new direction, a concept which has already been analysed in detail by the private sector.

To show how the dialogue about the future works, the team of researchers is collecting ten success stories that will be published in a handbook planned for the end of 2014.

For one month in 2013, the Liechtenstein National Museum invited museum visitors to participate in the ideas contest "It's Your Turn!". On the museum's Facebook page, 53 ideas were published that were very highly developed. Modern information and communication technology serves as an accelerating tool. The success stories include the Idea Channel in Vorarlberg, which gives prominence to people with meaningful ideas, is financed via crowdfunding, and provides support using a network of specialists.

Chapter published: 12-11-2014

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