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Liechtenstein/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.4 Direct professional co-operation

In 2007, the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art, the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen (St. Gallen Museum of Fine Arts) and the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts) jointly purchased the Rolf Ricke collection comprised of 152 works by American Classicists for 4.5 million EUR. This example of cooperation has thus far remained matchless in the realm of German-language area cultural activities. The state funded half of the Kunstmuseum's share of the purchase price. Furthermore, Liechtenstein established a Cultural Property Immunity Act, thus aligning itself with the German-language area standard governing international cross-border loans of works of art.

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Chapter published: 12-11-2014

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