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Liechtenstein/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.2 Overall description of the system

The five members of the Liechtenstein government lead 15 government ministries. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the Liechtenstein Music School and the School of Fine Arts. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs is responsible for cultural policy and cultural advancement in Liechtenstein. It is also responsible for the autonomous foundations under public law, such as the Liechtenstein National Museum and the National Library, as well as for Adult Education. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture contributes to institutions under private law, fulfilling a purpose in the interest of the state, such as the Historical Society and the Theater am Kirchplatz. Assigned to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs are three Public Administration offices: the Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Division of the Office of Structural Engineering, the National Archives, and the Office of Cultural Affairs, created in 2012. The merge into the new Office of Cultural Affairs will not only upgrade the cultural sector in its visibility. This concentration also improves the transparency and the services offered. The Ministry of Culture receives this way the opportunity to concentrate more on management duties and its political mandate to form cultural policy.

The new Cultural Promotion Act has been in force since 1 January 2008, thereby investing the Cultural Foundation with the organisation and decision-making functions relating to cultural promotion. The government as the supervisory authority appoints the foundation board for four-year terms and approves the performance agreements. The Cultural Foundation is responsible for state support of private cultural projects, artists and private institutions. It is also responsible for its own projects, such as the English Building Art Space and representation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, at which the Liechtenstein author Armin Öhri received the European Union Prize for Literature in 2014. Cultural promotion for the country as a whole and for the individual municipalities is clearly compartmentalised. Liechtenstein's eleven communities organise their own cultural activities in accordance with the laws of the municipality. The municipalities chiefly support their own cultural societies and concern themselves with the overall appearance of the municipality and the preservation of historic buildings and monuments.

Chapter published: 12-11-2014

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