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Latvia/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.2 Arts in schools

The curricula and requirements are set by the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. At primary school level, both visual art and music lessons are included in the curriculum. It also includes development of creative skills. Until the 7th grade, there are 2 music lessons per week, later on – 1 lesson per week. There are 2 visual arts lessons per week until 5th grade, later on – 1 lesson.

At secondary school level, a pupil can choose between lessons in visual arts or music and both subjects are mainly directed at theoretical knowledge.

There are no programmes involving artists in education. Many schools have out-of-school activities, such as choirs, theatre groups etc.

There has been a discussion between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Science about including more art and culture subjects in the curricula (e.g. obligatory singing in choir), however, without major success.

Chapter published: 08-10-2014

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