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Latvia/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships

The main public grants and awards currently available to Latvian artists are listed below.

  • the State Cultural Capital Foundation gives project grants in 8 different branches (see also chapter 2.1);
  • the State Cultural Capital Foundation's programme "Lifelong Scholarships"supports artists over the age of 65 for their contribution to the overall development of arts and culture in Latvia. Since 1999, more than 400 outstanding artists have received a state grant via this programme (since 2008 the grant is LVL 150 (EUR 214) per month; in 2010 it was reduced to 100 LVL or 143 EUR per month);
  • there is a Travel Grant Support Programme at the Cultural Capital Foundation that enables individuals and groups to participate in short-term scientific, creative and study programmes abroad (see also chapter 3.4.2);
  • at municipal level, support for professional artistic development is modest and irregular, yet provides some support for both individual and joint projects. However, gradually more and more regional and city municipalities announce regular project competitions and give support to different spheres of professional artistic activity (e.g. Riga, Ventspils, Cesis, Liepaja etc.); and
  • in 2006 the Limited Company International Writers' and Translators' House was opened in Ventspils, on the basis of an agreement between the Municipality of Ventspils, the Ministry of Culture and the Latvian Literature Centre (in 2007, awarded grants totalled LVL 13 625 (EUR 19 464) for national and international residents).

The following grants are available from international and national private organisations for individual artists in Latvia:

  • since 2009, Baltic countries participate in the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme in the field of Culture. In 2010, Latvian applicants received support of 241 560 EUR, including 24 mobility grants for individuals in the amount of 350 500 EUR (see chapter 3.4.2); and
  • scholarships are provided by banks or other institutions. Many private foundations support artists, musicians or writers and award their own grants and prizes.

There are annual awards, initiated by the unions of the respective branches and partly financed by the State Cultural Capital Foundation and private sponsors, in almost all the cultural branches, some of which include money prizes: the Grand Music Award, the National Film Festival, the Award for Achievements in Professional Theatre, the PurvÄ«ša Balva (a prize in visual arts), Literature Award, Cultural Heritage Award, The Folklore Award, Book Publishers Award, Architecture Award etc. In 2005 a new award was established by the Latvian Art Directors Club.

Chapter published: 08-10-2014

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