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Latvia/ 5.2 Legislation on culture  

Latvia has introduced the following laws in the cultural sector:

1)    Laws setting out cultural policy frameworks

The aim of the Law on Cultural Institutions is to define the types of culture institutions in Latvia, sources of funding for these institutions and their economic activities, and state guarantees for the functioning of culture institutions. It sets out general cultural policy frameworks. General settings are defined also in the laws concerning particular art fields, such as the Law on Libraries and the Law on Museums. In 2010, the Law on Film was finally adopted.

A new Law on Archives came into force in 2011. It was followed by a major reform in the administration of public archives (see chapter 4.2.2).

2)    Laws establishing the operations, governing structures and procedures for financing cultural institutions (see also chapter 7.3)

3)    Laws providing financing (see also chapter 5.1.3)

Chapter published: 08-10-2014

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