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In 2013, the Ministry of Welfare was working to tighten the laws on public service pensions, including those in the cultural sector.

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Latvia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.4 Social security frameworks

The social protection of artists in Latvia is regulated by general legislation and by Labour Law (2002) and Law on State Social Insurance (1998). There are no special provisions for self-employed artists to have access to the social security system. Many artists work in other fields to earn a living, for example in education, mass media, or advertising.

In 2004, a Law on the Service Pension of State and Local Government Professional Orchestra, Choir, Concert Organisation, Theatre and Circus Artists was adopted.The purpose of this Law is to ensure the right to a service pension for state and local government professional orchestra, choir, concert organisation, theatre and circus artists in light of the fact that working in these professions over a period of time is connected with the loss of one's professional skills before reaching the age determined for the granting of an old-age pension, and to lay down the procedures for the granting, calculation and payment of the service pension. In 2013, the Ministry of Welfare planned to make a major reform of the laws on service pensions, as currently there are 8 laws in different fields. The plan is to reduce the number of professions that can receive service pensions and to raise age limit. In the field of culture, currently about 150 people receive the service pension.

The Law on the Status of Creative Persons and their Social Protection Framework is at preparation stage for some time without any major success. In 2011, the Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia initiated a discussion on the development of legislation on artists' social security. In 2012, a working group at the Ministry of Culture is to be established.

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Chapter published: 08-10-2014

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