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Latvia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for most of the legal cultural competence in Latvia. There are legal provisions for cultural organisations defined in special laws, which subordinate the respective cultural branches to the Ministry of Culture even if the organisations are established and administered by the municipalities. For example:

  • Law on Libraries (1998);
  • Law on Museums (2006); and
  • Law on the Protection of Cultural Monuments (1992).

The Law on Local Governments (1994) defines the division of labour and responsibilities between the state and local authorities in providing services, including those in the cultural field. Section 15 of the Law on Local Governments defines the autonomous functions of local governments including the following one: "to maintain culture and facilitate the preservation of traditional cultural values and the development of creative folk activity (organisational and financial assistance to cultural institutions and events, support for the preservation of cultural monuments, and others)".

Chapter published: 08-10-2014

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