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Latvia/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.6 Other relevant issues

Foreign Ministry statistics in 2012 show that the Latvian diaspora abroad number 350-400 thousand people. Latvians living abroad is one of the target groups for the Latvian integration policy.

Funds were allocated for advancing cooperation with the diaspora in 2013. Proposals for facilitating re-migration drafted on the initiative of the Minister of Economy will be approved by the government and included in the scope of issues within the competence of the working group set up under the chairmanship of the Foreign Ministry and charged with the coordination of diaspora-related activities.

At the end of 2012 there were 73 Latvian "schools" outside Latvia where children can learn Latvian language and culture at weekends. The Ministry of Education and Science co-finances these schools.

The involvement of the Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the diaspora will target the following: sustaining Latvian identity and connection with Latvia; promoting political and civic participation among the diaspora; engagement of the diaspora's intellectual potential within the economy, culture, education and science; and promoting return migration among the diaspora.

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for integration and the National Identity, Civil Society and Community Integration Guidelines 2012-2018 as one of its priorities sets support for diaspora activities as a way to maintain language skills and national identity.

Chapter published: 08-10-2014

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