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Italy/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.2 Basic data about selected public institutions in the cultural sector

Table 7:    Cultural institutions, by domain


Cultural institutions (sub-domains)

Number (2014)

Cultural heritage

Immovable assets (registered))

46 025 architectural goods,
5 668 archaeological goods

Museums, monuments and sites (organisations)

4 740 (of which 3 847 are museums)

Archives (of public authorities)

8 328

Visual arts

Public art galleries / exhibition venues


Art academies (or universities)


Performing arts

Symphonic orchestras*

12 (of which 1 of national relevance)

Music schools


Music / theatre academies
(or universities)

58 music conservatories,
1 dance and 1 theatre academy

Dramatic theatre*

47 "Teatri stabili" (public, private, experimental),
172 theatre touring companies

Music theatres, opera houses*

41 (of which 14 are of national relevance)

Dance and ballet companies*


Books and Libraries


13 457 (of which 46 national scientific libraries)


Broadcasting organisations

Television: 7 national networks (of which 3 public networks),
1 pay TV, 593 local.
Radio: 19 national, 1 820 local


Socio-cultural centres / cultural houses


Source(s): Istat, Statistiche cultural 2014, Istat, Special surveys on Italian museums 2011, MIBACT, Osservatorio dello Spettacolo, Relazione sulla utilizzazione del Fondo Unico per lo Spettacolo 2014 (data concern only the main state-funded institutions and organisations);

As shown in Table 7, if recent data about cultural and performing arts infrastructures are being made available by official ministerial sources, as well as by Istat (the national statistical office), for the time being data on exhibition halls, music schools and cultural houses are not available.

Comparable statistical data allowing examination of trends for all the above mentioned infrastructures, besides the national ones, are also not to be easily found. The only exception is the one referring to museums and sites, whose overall number has increased by 15% in a decade: from 4 120 in 1996 to 4 740 in 2006 (the years for which the most recent special Istat surveys on Italian local museums have been carried out). Yearly statistics on museums, in fact, are made available by MIBACT only for the 424 national museums and sites.

Chapter published: 15-07-2016

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