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Italy/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

An initiative aimed at promoting modern architecture had been undertaken in 2008, by submitting to the Parliament a draft law on "architectural quality", much inspired by the homonymous draft law of 2004: the systematic promotion of architectural competitions and the elaboration of a Triennial plan for architectural quality were among its main goals.

Presently, as far as architectural reshaping of urban contexts is concerned, the main focus has been placed on the need to regenerate and upgrade run-down urban suburbs, and to better reconnect them with city centres. "Archistar" Renzo Piano already offered support in planning and capacity building for such an endeavour, which ranks also high in the priorities of Minister Franceschini: 3 million EUR have been allocated by Law 106/2014 for investments in cultural projects for the rejuvenation of urban suburbs (see chapter 5.3.1).

Even more, 500 million EUR have been allocated by the Financial stability law for 2016 for urban regeneration of suburbs of the metropolitan cities and the main municipalities, as well as for the restructuring of educational and cultural services aimed at boosting social inclusion.

Chapter published: 15-07-2016

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