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Hungary/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.3 Intercultural education

Intercultural education is part of the general framework curricula however no specific subject is dedicated to this issue. The main goals of intercultural education programmes are common national values and identity, world cultures, religions and traditions in general, and more specifically the Roma integration. Yet Roma culture and history are not an integrated part of the national curricula (i.e. history lessons); instead, Roma are mentioned as an "issue", a problem in separate chapters; this caused recent debates about the curricula, which has remained on the civil level (for state level text book policy see chapter 4.2.3). The Institute for Educational Research and Development (Oktatáskutató és FejlesztÅ‘ Intézet) has recently published a volume on the representation of World War I and the subsequent peace system in the History textbooks of the new independent countries of Central Europe.

For more information, see our Intercultural Dialogue section.

Chapter published: 24-11-2016

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