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Hungary/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

Events such as the World Days of Music, the Day of Open Heritage, ICOMOS International Day on Monuments and Sites, the Night of Museums, the Month of Libraries etc., are becoming increasingly vigorous and public subsidy accorded to them is also becoming increasingly well planned. Public relations activity for these events is highly professional and their influence over the public is growing.

The Night of Museums, held on Midsummer's Night for the 13th time in 2015, boasts hundreds of thousands of visitors across the country.  2014 was a record year regarding number of visitors outside the capital.

The government declared 2015 the year of the prisoners and forced labourers taken to the Soviet Union in 1945. In the frame of the year, cultural projects and researches of civil organisations, local governments and natural persons will be supported in 2016.

For the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, calls were announed for art projects of different genre, in an amount of 15.7 million HUF. The art tender is coordinated by MMA. Furthermore, a public foundation under the coordination of the director of the House of Terror coordinates six programmes – ongoing open calls until 2017 – through which organisations and individuals may apply for a maximum of five million HUF with art, research, educational projects. In total, 13.5 billion HUF is assigned from the state budget for the 1956-remembrance year.

The Carpathian Basis Hungarian Legendary Programme 2016-2018 is an educational and community building project with strong cultural component, aiming to integrate Hungarians living within and beyond the boarder has received the first instalment of 230 million by government decision.

For the 135th anniversary of the birth of Bartók Béla, 2016 is declared Bartók-year by government decision.

Chapter published: 24-11-2016

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