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Hungary/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.3 Status and partnerships of public cultural institutions

Below is a summary of the status of some of the major cultural institutions in Hungary, which differs from sector to sector:

  • the functions of the National Office for the Protection of Monuments have been transferred to the Forster Gyula National Heritage Management and Service Centre;
  • there were efforts to streamline the State Opera (literally Hungarian State Opera House – Magyar Állami Operaház) by – among others – converting it into a public benefit company. This attempt met with the resistance of the staff despite the huge additional budget accompanying the reforms;
  • the Palace of Arts is run by a non-profit limited company – Művészetek Palotája Kft; the building houses the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts, a public cultural institution;
  • with the building of the new National Theatre a new Limited Company was established; leaving the old "National Theatre" in its old building under a new name "Magyar Színház" = "Hungarian Theatre";
  • the State Folklore Ensemble was incorporated into a new national institution in 2000, called the House of Traditions; and
  • the remaining seven art cinemas in Budapest (half of them operated by the municipality) struggle for survival.

Chapter published: 22-11-2016

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