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Hungary/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.4 Literature and libraries

Hungary has no separate Law to support literature and writers.

The cause of libraries is regulated in detail by Acts CXL/1997 and XX/1991, the latter stipulating that local governments are obliged to assure library supply, with special regard to youth and cultural minorities. In settlements with a few hundred inhabitants only, the local governments fulfil this obligation by reaching joint agreements with neighbouring towns or villages. The scheme of public lending right payments has not yet been introduced.

Re-drawing the canon of national culture is taking place. Literature is one sphere, where conservative and / or nationalist authors of the interwar period are being promoted by the authorities, including in school curricula. In October 2012, the state publisher of the official gazettes launched a book series called the "National Library"in this spirit, heavily subsidised by the government and widely distributed free of charge (which provoked protest by the publishers' association).

Chapter published: 22-11-2016

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