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From 2014, 25% of income from levies on blank casettes, discs, pendrives etc. will be channelled to finance a new programme for young pop-rock talent.

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Hungary/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.7 Copyright provisions

Hungary follows the continental, droit d'auteur tradition. The Act on Authors' Rights LXXVI/1999 closely observes requirements of the acquis of the European Union. This Law, among others, specifies the rights attached to transmitting and downloading via Internet.

The Law stipulates reprography as well as blank cassette rights. The respective levies are collected by the Hungarian Alliance of Reprographic Rights (Magyar Reprográfiai Szövetség – RSZ). Schools and public libraries are exempt from paying this fee. Fees are paid by the importers and manufacturers of copy machines and related equipment. The various categories of fees are annually determined by the culture minister.

The same system has been in effective use with regard to fees connected to public performances of literature and music. Fees are contained in a complex Table with over 400 grids by various criteria. Examples of daily fees in 2013: HUF 1 779 (ca. 6.0 EUR) must be paid by first class restaurants in Budapest; at the other end, HUF 108 (ca. 0.3 EUR) is due from bakeries or ice cream parlours in small villages. These amounts are 50% higher in the case of live music, 20% only if at least two musicians are lawfully employed, and in the case of four – just 5%. Operating multiple-choice slot-machines meant another 20% to the fee, but these were banned in Hungary in 2012 (except for a few casinos).

In 2013 the total revenue of Artisjus, the Hungarian collecting society, was 16.1 billion HUF, of which net copyright revenue was 12.7 billion HUF (about 41 million EUR).  Source:

Artisjus distributes levies to copyright holders collected from blank casettes, discs, pendrives and similar devices. From 2014, 25% of this source is channelled to the National Cultural Fund, where it finances a programme for young pop-rock talents (named after Tamás Cseh, a cult bard who died in 2009).

Chapter published: 21-11-2016

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