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Greece/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.3 Associations of citizens, advocacy groups, NGOs and advisory panels

There is not much interaction between NGOs in the cultural sector, although the need to work in networks is progressively understood as a necessary practice. The same applies to participation in international networks which is increasingly becoming a cultural policy priority.

The new funding mechanism of the Ministry of Culture introduced in 2010 and requiring that all associations asking for funding need to register in an online registry, will allow for a better regulation of the field in the following years. Civil society initiatives are gradually gaining ground. Advocacy and lobby groups include professional associations working towards the acquisition of their professional rights or measures affecting the cultural field they operate in.

The cultural platform Elculture, with the support of the Onassis Cultural Centre, organises on a monthly basis since 2011 a series of round tables under the title "Talk forward", tackling different topics of cultural policy.

Chapter published: 14-08-2015

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