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New Law for the Support and Development of Cinema Art.

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Greece/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.6 Film, video and photography

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the field of film production, distribution and screening which is regulated by Law 1597/1986. There is a legal framework for the economic exploitation of cultural creativity through publishing, production of audiovisual works or public performance, defined by Law 2121/1993. Specific clauses regarding the regulation and support of the publishing industry, film, independent and state drama companies, and orchestras are included in Law 2557/1997. Moreover, Greece has ratified the European Convention for Cinema Co-productions (Law 3004/2002).

A new Law 3905/2010 for the Support and Development of Cinema Art which defines the principles of national policy in the cinema field and sets a new legal framework, taking into account developments of the last fifteen years in the field, and aiming to raise funding for productions through the effective use of resources, redistribution of available funding, reporting from the organisations funded, attraction of foreign productions and reduction of bureaucracy.

Chapter published: 14-08-2015

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