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Germany/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

Support for artists, e.g. scholarships, prizes and other appropriate forms of support are provided by public authorities (federal, states and municipalities level) as well as by private or civic organisations like private foundations or funds.

At the federal level, support to artists is provided through artists' organisations and bodies such as the German Cultural Funds (Visual Arts Foundation, the German Literature Fund, the Sociocultural Fund, the Federal Foundation for the Performing Arts and the German Fund for Translation) through supporting model projects. The German Cultural Funds are funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, receiving a one-time increase in 2013. Support at federal level encompasses nationally prominent exhibitions of contemporary art, competitions, scholarships and prizes, for example, as well as other appropriate forms of support. Since the 1970s, there has been a federal programme for art purchases and a federal collection of contemporary art. Federal funding is also available for German artists' residencies abroad at facilities such as the German Academy at the Villa Massimo in Rome or at the new Villa Tarabya, inaugurated in October 2011, in the area of the German Embassy in Istanbul.

A very important part of support for artists is provided by the municipalities and the federal states (Länder) through a wide variety of instruments. In addition to the Cultural Foundation of the federal states (Länder) and the support programmes for the various fields of artistic endeavour existing at federal state (Länder) level, the individual federal state (Länder) foundations for the arts and culture play a particularly important role in this context. Widespread forms of support at federal state (Länder) and municipal level include financial assistance for art projects, the purchase of works of art, the commissioning of artwork, the awarding of scholarships, the provision of facilities for exhibitions and performances as well as studios and workshops, the awarding of monetary prizes and the granting of publication subsidies. Support is also provided through municipal art lending libraries and programmes such as "Art on Buildings" and "Art in Public Spaces" as well as through business management advisory services for artists and financial help with business start-ups.

Chapter published: 12-09-2016

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