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Germany/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.3 Trends and indicators for private cultural financing

Cultural institutions, events and projects are also privately funded, in some areas to a considerable extent, e.g. museums. Reliable statistics are not available, but the Federal Statistical Office (in its Kulturfinanzbericht 2014) estimates private-sector expenditure for publicly subsidised institutions alone to reach 2009 approximately 1.2 billion EUR (per capita 14.31 EUR) – however, including ticket sales. Regarding turnovers of culture industries, see chapter 4.2.3.

A publication on private cultural sponsoring in Hamburg (Private Förderung im Hamburger Kulturleben, 2010) can exemplify things a bit further: According to a study of the KMM Institute, over 40 % of the private companies are contributing to cultural life in this city-state with 1.8 million inhabitants. The value of this engagement – not including in-kind contributions – would probably be around 8 % of the estimated 350 million EUR of business sponsorship for the arts and heritage in Germany.

Chapter published: 12-09-2016

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