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Germany/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.8 Other areas of culture specific legislation

Additional laws of relevance for culture include Article 96 of the Federal Law for the Expellees: both the Federal Government and the federal states (Länder) are obliged to preserve the cultural traditions of those regions in Central and Eastern Europe which were formerly inhabited by Germans. In 2000, a "New Concept for the Investigation and Presentation of German Culture and History in Eastern Europe" was developed in an effort to match this task with the changed political and social conditions after the collapse of the socialist state systems.

The Federal Archive Law – and corresponding laws of the 16 federal states (Länder) – was enacted in the 1980s in order to regulate the protection, preservation, development and utilisation of archive goods.

In December 2014 in North Rhine Westphalia a framework Act on Culture – an Act focussing the funding and development of culture, the arts and cultural education - (Kulturfördergesetz) came into force. This act refers not only to one specific cultural sector but to the framework on the cultural sphere as a whole. Thus North Rhine Westphalia is the first federal state (Bundesland) implementing acts on funding of culture. The act concretises and designs the constitutional mission of the federal state (Bundesland). It describes principles of the funding of the federal state, names areas of activities and regulate procedures. With the act two new instruments were established: the plan of cultural funding that determines at the beginning of the legislature aims and key issues and the monitoring report that takes a position at the end of the legislature. Together with the annual funding report, den new funding guidelines, the evaluation of the measurements and instruments of funding and the therewith linked dialogues on impact the act also aims to achieve greater transparency and new structures of governance.

Chapter published: 12-09-2016

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