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Georgia/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.2 Arts in schools

The Ministry of Education and Science has elaborated the new programme for the fine and applied arts and music to be taught within all the grades (1st grade – 1st-9th forms, 2nd grade – 10th form and 3rd grade – 11-12th forms). Within the 1st and 2nd grades, the art subjects are mandatory and in the 3rd grade they are optional. The correlation of subjects in the fine and applied arts and music shall be equally distributed by terms in 8-10th forms.

Innovations are envisaged in the New National Curriculum

Amendments made in the National Curriculum will come into force from 2011-2012 academic years. A normative document was created with the involvement of more than 150 experts. The following priorities are included in the National Curriculum: literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, quantitative thinking, plural lingual competency and social and civil skills. All of these topics will support the self-realisation of schoolchildren.

The new National Curriculum will not be changed for 5 years. In order to protect teachers' and schoolchildren's rights, the new National Curriculum will be developed in three stages. It will be introduced in I-VI forms in 2011-2012 and in 2012-2013 it will be launched for schoolchildren in the second and third levels

The National Curriculum envisages teaching of new subjects as well

I.T. will be introduced as a separate subject from the first form. This subject will envisage two selective courses in XI-XII forms: one course covers the elements of informatics and programming and the second one covers developing of the concepts connected with design and multimedia.

In the following year, one more selective subject – world culture - will be taught in XI-XII forms. It is being piloted in 14 schools currently. The aim of teaching of this subject is to assist youth in developing skills of behavior in extreme situations. From 20 January 2010, dance classes will be integrated in music lessons in 40 pilot schools.

Broadening the list of selective subjects is very important

Until recently, students were able to choose only 5 subjects. However, 40 subjects are being offered through the new curriculum. Schoolchildren will be able to choose such subjects as mythology or 19th-20th century European literature, history of Georgian art, folklore ensemble, history of ballet, contemporary music, safety etc. Introducing these subjects will support competition among schools and develop several academic directions as the schools will try to offer interesting subjects to the schoolchildren (see:

Chapter published: 26-01-2016

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