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Georgia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.4 Social security frameworks

In Georgia, there is no definite legislation which regulates social security provision for the cultural sector, although various kinds of security are provided under other legislation.

Under the Law on Art Workers and Art Unions, Article 8, paragraph 2, social security and pension provision for artists shall be implemented under the relevant acts of legislation.

The Law on Social Security for Researchers / Scientists regulates the creation of safeguards and conditions for the work of scientists. While culture is not mentioned specifically in the legislation, it is applicable to some cultural workers.

General unemployment in Georgia is a major issue for the government to tackle and therefore the cultural sector has not yet been singled out for specific development.

See also comparative information provided in the Compendium "Themes!" section under "Status of Artists".

Chapter published: 26-01-2016

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