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Georgia/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.6 Other relevant issues

The policy of support for the Georgian Diaspora is still vague and assistance from the state is very small. Organisational support for the Diaspora is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Department for Cultural Heritage and Relations with the Diaspora.

Until 2008, the policy of support of the Georgian diaspora was indistinct and the state assistance was very small. The organisational support of the diaspora was the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Department for Cultural Heritage and Relations with the Diaspora.

In 2008, the State Minister for the Georgian Diaspora was appointed, which together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, develops the policy of support of the diaspora. However, the financing of the State Minister for the Georgian Diaspora is minimal: in 2008 – 200 000 GEL, in 2009 – 43 500 GEL, in 2010 – estimated 45 000 GEL.

Priorities for 2011-2014 - Office of State Minister in Diaspora Affairs of Georgia

Priority 1: Integration of Georgian diaspora in the homeland.


  • the annual celebration of the Diaspora day in Georgia and involvement of representatives of the Georgian diaspora in the cultural activities devoted to the Diaspora day;
  • Foundation of Georgian Houses abroad and their support;
  • holding business forums in Georgia and abroad;
  • relation of Georgian companies with diaspora organisations;
  • proposal of investment projects for Georgian businessmen acting abroad; and
  • using the Georgian diaspora ties for attraction of foreign investment to Georgia.

Priority 2: Preservation of education and cultural heritage in the Georgian diaspora


  • supply of folklore ensembles with traditional garments and musical instruments;
  • supply of Sunday schools with relevant literature;
  • support of information resources and cultural activities;
  • advancement of Internet connection with the diaspora and development of online projects;
  • creation / popularisation of Georgian TV and other media projects abroad; and
  • promotion of student mobility programmes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been developing a strategy in this line as well for 2010:

Strategic priority 4: Citizens of Georgia and diaspora abroad

  • travel, study and business abroad; and
  • relations with the diaspora.

Strategic priority 5: Awareness of Georgia

  • objective information campaign; and
  • international cultural cooperation.

The most important priority is "Awareness of Georgia", which is dominant for the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia as well.

Main programmes / activities by priority:

  • conducting an effective information campaign; and
  • intensification of international cultural cooperation.

Expected results:

  • effective opposition to negative propagation;
  • dissemination of timely and objective information about the processes taking place in the country on the international scene;
  • awareness / improvement of the cultural and intellectual potentiality of Georgia; and
  • initiating various projects in cooperation with the UN education, science and culture organisations.

Priorities for 2011-2014 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Priority: economic and cultural diplomacy

International cultural cooperation plays an important role in the creation of a positive and objective image of Georgia worldwide. Demonstration of national culture and intellectual potentiality may become an effective instrument of foreign policy, which will promote the implementation of foreign political and economic interests through the building of an adequate image of Georgia.


  • export support and promotion of Georgian products in new markets;
  • promotion of foreign investments within its competence;
  • promotion of diversification of power supply routes;
  • promotion of Georgian culture and intellectual potentiality abroad; and
  • cooperation in frameworks of BSEC and GUAM.


The Georgian Centre for Relations with Compatriots Residing Abroad was financed, in the amount of 102 200 GEL from the 2006 budget. The establishment of the spiritual-cultural centre for Phereidan Georgians (residing in Iran) was assigned 219 600 GEL. Contacts with the Diaspora of "Georgian Hebrews" in Israel and Muslim Georgians in Turkey are under progress (see chapter 3.4.2). The cultural activity of representatives of Diasporas is also supported by the Foundation of His Holiness and Beatitude, Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi and Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilya II – "Chveneburebi".

Chapter published: 26-01-2016

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