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France/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.4 Support to professional artists associations or unions

The professional associations and artists' labour unions play an important role to represent the material and moral interests of their members and to negotiate the professional agreements that concern them. They often sit on the committees and commissions that allocate the funds and aids to creation, in partnership with the representatives of the concerned institutions. More than 2 000 associative professional structures of arts and culture sectors are grouped within the Union fédérale d'intervention des structures culturelles (Ufisc:

Authors' rights management societies supply funds to support creativity, diffusion of live performances and artists' training schemes. These funds are composed of 25% of the income that is generated from private copying and from the works whose beneficiaries cannot be identified or located. The most known authors' rights management societies are:

  • Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD, Union of Authors and Playwrights);
  • Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SACEM, Union of Authors, Composers and Editors of Music);
  • Société civile pour l'administration des droits des artistes et musiciens interprètes (ADAMI, Administration of Rights for Artists and Musicians);
  • Société des producteurs de phonogrammes en France (SPPF, Union of Producers of Sound Recordings in France); and
  • Société des droits de reproduction mécanique (SDPM, Union of Mechanical Reproduction Rights).

In 2013, some of these organisations grouped together into the platform France Créative  (

Chapter published: 23-05-2017

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