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Ministry of Culture budget for 2013 scored 2% below that of 2012.

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France/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.1 Short overview

Due to the wide diversity of the sources available and the differences between the modes of calculation that are used, the figures and data on the financing of culture in France are given here for informative and indicative purposes.

The relative dimension of the data is reinforced by the fact that the last available data concerning the expenditure of territorial authorities dates from 2006. A next survey will allow updating of the data.

Besides, the funds allocated to the "advance account for public broadcasting" (compte d'avances sur l'audiovisuel public) are not taken into account in the comparative presentation of the expenditure of the Ministry of Culture (see chapter 6.2). These funds are advanced to the public broadcasting institutions which reimburse it to the state once they have collected the audiovisual licence fees (redevance audiovisuelle) that households are due to pay every year. The main sources used are:

  • Projet de loi de finances pour 2013, Ministry of Culture and Communication;
  • Chiffres clés 2013, DEPS, Ministry of Culture and Communication;
  • Jean-Cédric Delvainquière, Bruno Dietsch, « Les dépenses culturelles des collectivités locales en 2006 », Culture-Chiffres n°2009-3, DEPS, Ministry of Culture and Communication;
  • Les collectivités locales en chiffres 2012 (DGCL, Ministry of Interior); and
  • Le mécénat d'entreprise en France en 2012, a survey by ADMICAL-Carrefour du mécénat d'entreprise.

According to the official presentation of the project budget for 2013, the Ministry of Culture has a total budget of 7 363 million EUR:

  • 3 531 million EUR allocated to the sectors of culture, research and media; and
  • more than 3 832 million EUR allocated to public broadcasting.

This budget is 2% lower than in 2012 (all expenses included), which shows that the Ministry contributes to the general effort for recovery of the public accounts. Some key figures for 2013:

  • 322 million EUR for national heritage monuments (stable);
  • 385.8 million EUR for the performing and visual arts (stable);
  • 232.2 million EUR for cultural and artistic higher education (+2.52%);
  • +10.8% for the scholarships of artistic and cultural higher education;
  • 33.2 million EUR for cultural and artistic education (+8%);
  • 516 million EUR for aid to the press;
  • 774.4 million EUR for the regional directorates (DRAC);
  • 1 130 million EUR for the Ministry's departmental bodies: institutions with national responsibility, public institutions of the state…; and
  • nearly 3.4 billion EUR for the "advance account of public broadcasting" (compte d'avances sur l'audiovisuel public).

The financial effort of the state in the cultural domain outside of the budget of the Ministry of Culture and Communication is estimated as follows for 2013:

  • 3.7 billion EUR in the budgets of other Ministries (National Education, Foreign Affairs, Research, Sport, Defence, etc.); and
  • 876 million EUR of taxes that are redistributed to cultural affairs: tax on television services, tax on cinema takings, tax on reproduction and printing devices, tax on entertainment and pop music shows, licence fee for pre-emptive archaeology, etc.

The data on the cultural expenditure of the territorial authorities, last released in 2006, indicate:

  • communes of more than 10 000 inhabitants : 4 357 million EUR;
  • intercommunalities with proper tax systems: 842 million EUR;
  • départements : 1 292 million EUR; and
  • regions : 556 million EUR.

A survey of the Association of French Regions indicates that the cultural expenditure of the regions in 2011 reached 687 million EUR (cf.

The main part of private expenditure on culture is household expenditure. It is estimated to have been 21.8 billion EUR in 2011. Private expenditure also encompasses cultural corporate sponsorship: around 494 million EUR in 2012 (see chapter 6.2.3). Firms also contribute to financing culture and communication with their publicity and advertising expenses, which represented, in 2011, nearly 3.5 billion EUR for the press, the same amount for television, 744 million EUR for radio, 105 million EUR for cinema and 616 million EUR for the internet.

The exportation of cultural goods reached 2.78 billion EUR in 2011 (books, press, phonograms, videos, sheet music and instruments, artefacts…). The receipts of the transfer of rights of French film for exportation abroad (for cinema, TV and video), including the films in coproduction, reached 156.7 million EUR in 2011.

Chapter published: 25-07-2013

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