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France/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

  • Law n° 77-2 of 3 January 1977 modified, on architecture, which intends to preserve and promote architectural quality, with the creation in each département of a council of architecture, urbanism and environment. The preamble of the law states: "Architecture is an expression of culture";
  • Article L 431-1 of the Urbanism Code, proceeding from law n° 77-2 of 3 January 1977, sets a general rule: any architectural or construction project that requires planning permission must engage a professional architect;
  • Decree n° 2005-734 of 30 June 2005 relative to architecture studies;
  • Decree n° 2007-436 of 25 March 2007 relative to the accessibility of buildings for disabled people;
  • Decree n°2003-447 of 19 May 2003 creating a National Council for Parks and Gardens (Conseil national des parcs et jardins): promotes the knowledge, the creation and the renovation of parks and gardens in France, with in particular the title "Jardins remarquables"; and
  • Administrative order (arrêté) of 5 July 2005 that specifies the mission and the composition of the National Council for Artistic and Historical Towns and Areas (Conseil national des villes et pays d'art et d'histoire), with the titles "ville d'art et d'histoire" or "pays d'art et d'histoire".

Chapter published: 18-05-2017

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