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Finland/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.2 Key organisations and portals

Cultural policy making bodies

Ministry of Education and Culture

Agencies, institutions

National Archive

National Board of Antiquities

Finnish National Gallery

National Opera

National Theatre

Finnish Film Foundation

National Audiovisual Institute

Centre for International Mobility CIMO at Finnish National Agency for Education

Professional associations

Union of Musicians

Artists' Association of Finland

The Union of Finnish Writers

Finnish Actors' Union

The Union of Finnish Dance Artists

Finnish Book Publishers' Association

Finnish Chamber of Films

The Finnish National Group of IFPI

Finnish Craft Organisation

Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras

Association of Finnish Theatres

Satu Association of Independent Producers in Finland

Grant-giving bodies

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Finnish Cultural Foundation

Academy of Finland, Research Council for Culture and Society

TEKES, Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund

Copyright organisations

Teosto, Finnish Composers' Copyright Society

Gramex, Copyright Society of Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers

Kopiosto, Copyright organisation for authors, publishers and performing artists

Kuvasto, Copyright association for artists working in the field of visual art

Tuotos, Copyright association for audiovisual producers

Copyright Council at the Ministry of Education and Culture

National Board of Patents and Registration

EFFI- Electronic Frontier Finland

Promotion and Information Centres

Finnish Music Information Centre

Information Centre for Dance

Theatre Information Centre

ESEK, Performing Music Promotion Centre

AVEK, The Promotion Centre for Audio-visual Culture

FILI - Finnish Literature  Information Centre

Cultural Exports Finland

Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes

Design Forum Finland

Music Export Finland

FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange

Favex- Finnish Film and Audiovisual Export

Finnish Circus Information Centre

Finnish Tourist Board server for new media culture

Cultural research and statistics

Statistics Finland

National Repository Library

Foundation for Cultural Policy Research- CUPORE

University of Jyväskylä
Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy: Cultural Policy

Culture / arts portals

Cultural portal to Finnish cultural life and institutions

Chapter published: 17-07-2018

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