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Finland/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.6 Film, video and photography

Legislation pertains mainly to the production of feature and documentary films, to television and radio activities and the censorship of films and videos (and, currently also to computer and console games).

Support for national production of feature films is channelled via the Finnish Film Foundation. The Act and the Decree on Film Production (2000, 2007) defines the organisation, structure and functions of financial support channelled via the Foundation to Finnish cinema. Besides the main function, this support embraces also distribution and various forms of export, international co-productions, promotion and PR-activities.

Acts on Radio and Television, on the Finnish Broadcasting Company and on the State Television and Radio Fund are all important not only for audiences but also business to business, that is, from the point of view of that television is one "market place" among others for national feature film and independent television programme producers.

The Finnish censorship system for films, videos and games is considered both flexible and effective in its present form.

Table 12:  Legislation on film, radio, television



Film Art Promotion Act (28/2000)

This Act was needed to provide a legal basis for the functioning of the Finnish Film Institute

Decree on the Promotion of Film Art (843/2007))

Specifies the previous Act

Act on Radio and Television Activities (744/1998, amendments 490/2002, 394/2003, 1190/2005)

Defines the prerequisites for the broadcasting operations and their licensing by public authorities

Act on the Finnish Broadcasting Company (FBC, 1380/1993, amended 746/1998)

Defines the role of the FBC as a public service radio and television company and defines the mode of its (parliamentary) control

Act on the State Television and Radio Fund (745/1998)

Defines the organising of the collection and the mode of use of radio and television licence fees

Act on Audiovisual Programmes (710/2011) and the Act on the Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Programmes (711/2011).

These acts repeal the former acts on age classification of programmes for the protection of children against exhibition of pornography and violence; and establish a centre for media education and audiovisual media which started to operate in 2012. 

Act on National Audiovisual Archive 1434/2007 expands the tasks of the earlier Finnish Film Archive by including radio and television programmes in the archival material.

Organises the national administration of archiving films, television and radio programmes

Act on preserving and archiving cultural material 1433/2007

Specifies the division of labour between different preservation and archiving organisations and the scope of their preserving tasks.

Source:    Databank FINLEX

Chapter published: 25-04-2017

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