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Finland/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

If we exclude education, the Finnish cultural policy measures reach architecture only as an art form and architects as artists. Consequently, the overall legislation on public promotion of the arts and financial support for artists presented in Table 11 of chapter 5.3.1 contains, in addition to education and training, the only directly relevant legislation.

The Build Heritage Protection Act 498/2010 (originally Building Protection Act 60/1985, repealed by the present Act) protects buildings, built areas and built cultural environments, which have value from the perspective of cultural history. This protection pertains to buildings in zoned areas. The Land Use and Building Act (132/1999) defines the zoning system (where municipalities have the zoning monopoly) and thus provides "ex ante protection" for the built environment. Archaeological sites and monuments and church buildings are protected by the Act on Archaeological Sites and Monuments (295/1963) and the Church Act (635/1964) respectively.

Chapter published: 25-04-2017

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