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Finland/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.4 Literature and libraries

Under the auspices of the Copyright Act some copyright compensation has been channelled to rights' owners as grants. Thus, authors and translators have had, in addition to opportunities offered by the state artists' grant system, a special grant system under the Act on Grants and Subsidies for Authors and Translators (1961). The funds for the grants are channelled via the state budget. Grants must be applied and there is a special board for peer group evaluation. The 2005 amendments of the Copyright Act presuppose that a new compensation system is adopted. This system is based on an individual author's right to be compensated in terms of the number of loans of his / her works. This system, which pays compensation to foreign authors, is still under construction.

The (Public) Library Act (904/1998) provides the legislative basis defining the tasks of public municipal libraries eligible for central government subsidies according to the Financing Law. It is specified by Decree 1078/1998 defining the tasks of the Public Central Library and regional libraries and its amendment 513/2001 specifies the qualifications of public library personnel.

The fixed book price system was abolished in Finland in 1972.

For more detailed information see Table 11 in  chapter 5.3.1 and Table 18 in  chapter 7.1.

Chapter published: 25-04-2017

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