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Finland/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.1 Visual and applied arts

Finnish legislation on the arts and artists covers, on the one hand, public support and artists' rights on an individual level and, on the other hand, public support to the cultural and art institutions. The latter will be discussed in greater detail in chapter 7.3.

The following Table contains information on the main legislation for the arts and individual artists. It indicates that this legislation pertains mainly to financial support, that is, the systems of artists' grants and pensions and support to projects and to the enhancement of creative environments. See also  chapter 8.1.1 to 8.1.4.

Table 11:  Promoting the arts, artists and creativity



Act on (Art Professors' and) Artists' State-Grants (734/1969,main  amended 143/1995 before amendment 1135/2010, which abolished Arts professors' posts; Decree on artists' state-grants 1200/2010 

Provides the legislative basis for the artists' state grants system

Promotion of the Arts Act (328/1967, amended 635/1997, 366/2000, 667/2002, 283/2004, 1236/2007, 889/2009, 1134/2010)

These enactments have created the present system of national and regional arts councils. The new revised act creating the Finnish Arts Promotion Centre was passed by the Parliament in 2012 and the law came into effect 1 January 2013.

Act on Grants and Subsidies for Authors and Translators (236/1961, amended 1080/83, 1067/1993, 1272/1994, 1358/1995, 1040/1996 249/2002, 665/2002)

Provides grants to authors and translators to compensate for library use of their works; since 2000 music creators and performers have received these compensation grants

Act on Some Specific Grants for Visual Artists (115/1997, amended 664/2002)

Provides grants for visual artists to compensate for the public display of their works

Government Resolution on Supplementary Pensions for Artists (75/1974, amendment 974/1992 abolishes the nationality / citizenship requirement)

Provides additional pensions for senior artists and finances their artistic work

Act concerning State Indemnity for Art Exhibitions (411/1986, amended 639/1991, 336/1994, 390/1997, 1116/2001)

Guarantees insurance for the organiser of art exhibitions

Act on the Pensions of Artists and Some Particular Groups of Short-Time Workers (662/1985, amended frequently).

Safeguards the pension payments and pension rights in short-term employment contracts that are typical for musicians, performing artists, journalists, set-designers, etc.

Source:    databank FINLEX

Chapter published: 25-04-2017

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