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Public cultural expenditure decreased from 251 million euro in 2011 to 226 million in 2012.

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Estonia/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.1 Short overview

Despite the fact that several state-financed sectors - such as health care, social welfare and education - have recently experienced serious economic constraints, culture has been able to retain its share of the state budget.

Expenditure by the central government on culture is channelled mainly through the Ministry of Culture. In 2011, the total allocation was 135.73 million EUR; together with the expenditure of the regional and municipal levels of government, the total government expenditure on culture was 251.1 million EUR (see Table 4 in chapter 6.2.2). In 2011, Estonia joined the Euro currency zone. In 2012, the public cultural expenditure diminished considerably due to a reorganisation of theatres. In 2012, four formerly state owned theatres were transferred under the administration of a specific state owned, but legally private foundation, which received the theatres’ premises and other property. Their income and costs (apart from state subventions) are not any more included in the public cultural budget. Furthermore, the transfer of the theatres’ property to the foundation diminished the government’s net investments by 17 million euros in 2012. The apparent dramatic diminution of public cultural expenses in 2012 is, thus, rather statistical than real.

Chapter published: 29-10-2014

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